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Rough Draft in Kingston

What to Do in the Hudson Valley: July 8 — 15

Summer is in full swing, and the event calendar for the Hudson Valley creative scene is looking wonderfully full.

Here are three Hudson Valley Talentbase-approved events that you’ll want to check out:

Pop-Up at One Epic Place in New Paltz

New Paltz has long needed a solid coworking space for creative workers, and One Epic Place has answered the call in spades. From a single location just a few years ago, One Epic Place has expanded into four buildings throughout New Paltz, and caters to all kinds of work, both digital and physical.

From 11am to 4pm today (Sunday the 8th), they’re hosting their EPIC Pop-Up! Market, providing a venue for local vendors to share their wares in downtown New Paltz. Stop by to see what they’ve got!

One Epic Place, a coworking space in New Paltz
Yep, this photo is from Google Street View.
One EPIC Place
122 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561
Sunday, July 8
11am — 4pm
Local businesses and artists will be selling their wares in downtown New Paltz.

Vinyl, Wine, and Pizza Party at Rough Draft in Kingston

Has a place ever become an institution as fast as Rough Draft in Kingston? The café/bar/bookstore draws a crowd, has events almost every night, and has been open less than a year.

This Friday at 6pm, Friend-of-Talentbase Aaron Quint and his Kingston Bread Lab are teaming up with Wild Arc Farm of Pine Bush and Home Rule Records to host a party featuring pizza, wine, and music. It’s sure to be a great time.

(If you’ve never had pizza from Kingston Bread Lab, you owe it to yourself to try some. Aaron is also the author of The Pizza Book, which is… well, exactly what it sounds like. A pizza cookbook.)

Rough Draft
82 John St.
Kingston, NY 12401
Friday, July 13
Local pizza and wine, plus music spun on vinyl, at one of the coolest venues in the Hudson Valley.

Starwalk on the Walkway Over the Hudson

Next Sunday at 8:30pm is the latest installment of the Walkway Over the Hudson’s Starwalk series — a series of astronomy events held on the Walkway, 212 feet above the Hudson River. Each event is coordinated with a particular astronomical phenomena, and this one is entitled “When the Moon Meets Venus.”

As a longtime space buff, this is right up my alley. Plus, it’s a rare opportunity to be on the Walkway after nightfall. They’re going to be turning off the lights, so flashlights are recommended, but I can’t imagine how gorgeous the view of the night sky will be from high above the river.

Each event is hosted by local astronomy experts who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise. The event is free, but they request that attendees register so they can get an accurate headcount.

📸 from Walkway Over the Hudson
Walkway Over the Hudson
Over the river between Highland and Poughkeepsie
Sunday, July 15
Local astronomy experts will give a guided tour of the night sky from 212 feet above the mighty Hudson.

I’ve known plenty of people who say “there’s nothing to do in the Hudson Valley,” and I’m always shocked — there is so much to do here that it’s impossible to do everything.

Especially for those of us with a creative bent, the Hudson Valley is an embarrassment of riches. These are just three of the events happening this week; there are lots more!

Stay tuned — we’re going to be publishing a selection of great events for creative-minded Hudson Valley residents every Sunday from here on out.

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Independence Day at West Point in the Hudson Valley

The Start of Summer in the Hudson Valley

Here comes the Hudson Valley heat wave, just in time for the beginning of July!

Hudson Valley Weather says it’ll be in the high 90s for at least the first half of the week, and supposedly the humidity will be bad enough that it’ll feel like 110°. Ouch.

There’s plenty going on this summer in the Hudson Valley, especially for those of us with a creative bent. Here are our top three things to do in the Hudson Valley for the week of July 1, 2018:

Fireworks at West Point

There’s plenty going on this week, but one of the highlights will certainly be the classic West Point Independence Day Celebration. If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend it — there’s nothing like celebrating the Fourth of July in one of the most American places possible.

It’s on Saturday, July 7th at 7:30pm at West Point’s Trophy Point Amphitheater. If you go, though, I highly encourage you to get there super, super early. It’s not unheard of to go two hours early and still not be able to get good seats — it fills up fast. Lots of people want to be front-and-center as the West Point band rocks the amphitheater in front of an incredible view of the Hudson.

Independence Day at West Point, two years ago

Hudson Valley Balloon Festival

Next weekend is the Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival! If you’re looking for a chance to ride in a hot-air balloon, or just want to get some great balloon photos for your Instagram feed, stop by the Dutchess County Fairground on July 6, 7, and 8.

📸Hudson Valley News Network

First Friday in Poughkeepsie

The first Friday of every month, the City of Poughkeepsie holds a community celebration featuring local music, art, and food. On Friday, July 6, the theme is: American Rock.

The free event goes from 5:00 to 8:30 and is being held on Crannell Street in downtown Poughkeepsie, just a few blocks from Mill House Brewing Company. In addition to the usual vendors, there will be live music and a car show!

Know of something else happening soon in the Hudson Valley that people should know about? Let us know in the comments!

The featured image of the West Point amphitheater comes from the “Life in the West Point Band” blog, found here.

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