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New Homepage and Improved Search

This was a big week for Talentbase, with lots of changes being launched on the site on things like search, filtering, and navigation. If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll see some pretty drastic improvements.

Hudson Valley Talentbase Search and Filtering

The Highlights

🔍 Improved search and filtering! It’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Need a designer in Ulster County? Check. Want to find posts tagged “Photography” in Poughkeepsie with a particular keyword? Check.

🗺 Easier navigation on mobile! The previous homepage had the most recent posts and users listed together, but on mobile you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the most recent sign-ups. Now users and posts are kept separate, and you can just tab back and forth between them. Save your thumb some scrolling!

🏋️‍♀️ Lighter page weight (ie, don’t waste your data)! Instead of loading every image on the page at once, now they load when you scroll down to them. This sounds like a small thing, but it’ll save you tons of data. Tons.

🏠 New homepage for logged-out users. If you’re using the site without logging in, it tries to explain what Talentbase is. Unfortunately, that means reading through a wall of text — not a pleasant experience. Now the homepage is simpler, and encourages you to sign up faster. Win!

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The Bear Mountain Bridge at Night

The Vision for Talentbase

The Hudson Valley has an incredible creative scene, but unless you already know about it, it can be hard to find. For someone who’s just moved to the area, or who’s just returning after college, how do you connect with all the interesting people doing interesting work nearby?

Events like the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup have done wonders in getting the local creative community connected, but they only happen monthly, and no single event can capture the full the spectrum of people who are interested — there will always be people who either can’t make the drive, or have to work, or just aren’t up for spending the evening with hundreds of strangers.

I’m a firm believer in the power of serendipitous connections to drive economic growth — get new people with new ideas talking to each other, and great things can happen.

In cities like New York or San Francisco, this happens naturally — just walk into your corner coffee shop and you’ll meet a dozen potential collaborators. But the Hudson Valley is more widely spread out, and our distributed geography requires a distributed network to connect people.

I built the HV Talentbase to be just that — an online creative network for interesting people doing interesting work in the Hudson Valley. Anyone with a Hudson Valley zip code can create a profile and share snippets of what they’ve been working on — screenshots, photographs, writing samples, video, audio, or anything else they want the world to see. It’s for sharing all kinds of creative work — design, tech, visual art, music, food and drink, writing, crafts, and things I haven’t even thought of.

I already know of at least one user who’s gotten work inquiries through Talentbase, just by filling out their profile and sharing some of their work. There’s a huge need for talented, capable creative workers in the region, and I’m continuing to add features to make collaboration and hiring easier than ever. Talentbase will make it possible for freelancers to find their next job, local firms to find their next employees, and outside companies to recognize the value of hiring in the Hudson Valley.

As Talentbase grows, we’re starting to see a digital map of our region’s creative talent emerge. I think a lot of us have the feeling that something special is happening in the Hudson Valley right now, and this will enable us to better understand and articulate it. I suspect we’ll find that the creative scene in the region is even broader, deeper, and more dynamic than we already know it to be.

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The Hudson Valley Talentbase sign up screen

Focus on Onboarding

The HV Talentbase just received a slew of changes related to the first-time user experience — it’s now easier than ever to create an account and set up your profile.

An animated rendition of adding skills in Hudson Valley Talentbase.


  • ? The Hudson Valley Talentbase is now open to everyone with a Hudson Valley zip code! No more invite required to join the network — consider this the end of the “soft beta.”
  • ? We’ve instituted a new onboarding process to help new users figure out what to do after signing up.
  • ??‍? It’s now easier to add skills to your profile and change the order in which they display.
  • ? Ongoing aesthetic and textual changes to keep things feeling fresh!

Stay tuned for some more changes coming very soon.

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