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New Homepage and Improved Search

This was a big week for Talentbase, with lots of changes being launched on the site on things like search, filtering, and navigation. If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll see some pretty drastic improvements.

Hudson Valley Talentbase Search and Filtering

The Highlights

🔍 Improved search and filtering! It’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Need a designer in Ulster County? Check. Want to find posts tagged “Photography” in Poughkeepsie with a particular keyword? Check.

🗺 Easier navigation on mobile! The previous homepage had the most recent posts and users listed together, but on mobile you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the most recent sign-ups. Now users and posts are kept separate, and you can just tab back and forth between them. Save your thumb some scrolling!

🏋️‍♀️ Lighter page weight (ie, don’t waste your data)! Instead of loading every image on the page at once, now they load when you scroll down to them. This sounds like a small thing, but it’ll save you tons of data. Tons.

🏠 New homepage for logged-out users. If you’re using the site without logging in, it tries to explain what Talentbase is. Unfortunately, that means reading through a wall of text — not a pleasant experience. Now the homepage is simpler, and encourages you to sign up faster. Win!

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The Hudson Valley Talentbase sign up screen

Focus on Onboarding

The HV Talentbase just received a slew of changes related to the first-time user experience — it’s now easier than ever to create an account and set up your profile.

An animated rendition of adding skills in Hudson Valley Talentbase.


  • ? The Hudson Valley Talentbase is now open to everyone with a Hudson Valley zip code! No more invite required to join the network — consider this the end of the “soft beta.”
  • ? We’ve instituted a new onboarding process to help new users figure out what to do after signing up.
  • ??‍? It’s now easier to add skills to your profile and change the order in which they display.
  • ? Ongoing aesthetic and textual changes to keep things feeling fresh!

Stay tuned for some more changes coming very soon.

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