Peak foliage is always my favorite time to be a Hudson Valley resident.

I take special pride in seeing the lines of cars making their way through New Paltz into the mountains, and I’m sure many of you saw similar sights throughout the region. There’s nothing like the leaves changing to summon the tourists out of the city.

We haven’t gotten much of a Fall this year, and I suspect this weekend was both our first and last perfect Hudson Valley autumn Saturday of the year. Even Sunday’s wind and rain couldn’t take away from the glow it left me with.

I launched HV Talentbase just a few weeks before my wedding. Between that, the honeymoon, and the past few weeks of getting back into the swing of things with both work and life, the Talentbase release schedule has been quiet. That was my plan all along — release the beta version, get people using and testing it, and then jump back in refreshed and ready to go.

There are lots of new features coming soon, as evidenced by the project roadmap. I’m aiming to take some of the fiery Peak Foliage energy I always get in the Fall and turn it into shiny new toys for the Hudson Valley creative community to use.

Let’s go!