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Hudson Valley app developer Dan Gurney

Spotlight On: Dan Gurney

Dan Gurney is a software developer, product designer, and startup founder living in New Paltz.

Tell us about a few things you’ve done.
Currently I’m the co-founder of a new app development firm called Hudson Valley Apps. Before that, I founded Concert Window, a live music broadcasting platform with 170K users.

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What are you excited about right now?
I’m really excited about starting this new app development firm, Hudson Valley Apps. We’ve been hearing from a lot of folks who want to create or update apps and aren’t sure how to go about it. My co founder Chris Garrett is a veteran iOS developer, ever since the first iPhone came out. We’ve also been doing a lot of fun cross-platform stuff with React Native as well as native Android.

How did you come to live in the Hudson Valley? What do you love about it?
I’m originally from Rhinebeck, so I am very familiar with the area. After living in NYC for 6 years, I was looking for a more sustainable lifestyle with more nature and a lower baseline stress level! I moved up to New Paltz with my girlfriend about 8 months ago and we’ve been really enjoying it so far.

Who are some other Hudson Valley creatives whose work you admire?
There are some really talented folks all over the Hudson Valley and especially in New Paltz—check out Jordan Koschei, Milo Axelrod, and Tyler Walker. I love how supportive and tight knit the Hudson Valley scene is.

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Hudson Valley app developer Chris Garrett

Spotlight On: Christopher Garrett

Christopher Garrett is a game developer and contract software developer living in Pleasant Valley.

What are you excited about right now?
I’m working on an iOS game called Moji Match. It is a turn-based game similar to Scrabble or Words With Friends, except that it uses emojis instead of words. I’m excited because my beta testers love the game and have gotten hooked on it.

More about Moji Match:
Moji Match is an emoji game made in the Hudson Valley. Lots of ? in it but you’ll ❤️ it.

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How did you end up in the Hudson Valley, and what do you love about it?
I came here in 2007 when my wife got a job at Vassar College as a chemistry professor. Since then I have grown to love so much about this area. I love the outdoors, so we have taken advantage of the great opportunities for hiking, cycling and camping nearby. There are great restaurants, and enriching cultural activities. But I think the best thing is the sense of community and general desire to improve the world around us.

Who are other Hudson Valley creatives whose work you admire?
Chris Muscarella of the Field Company recently moved to the area. My Field Company skillet is one of a handful of objects in my house that is a joy to use on a daily basis.

And Dennis Crowley. I love his willingness to try crazy things to make the world a better place. Kingston Stockade games are now one of my favorite summer activities.

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